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About Us

AIDFI is a non-stock, non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1992.

The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. was a result of brainstorming of its four founders who were working in the labour union handling the over 200 farm lots that were turned over to the beneficiaries but in which left them only the land, the union provided inputs in terms of farm equipments (farm animals, tools, etc.). From that point it became clear that these would not sustain the development of these farm lots, AIDFI was put up to cater to the technological needs of upland communities its main concentration was developing appropriate technologies and at the same time strengthening the communities by doing social preparation so that they are able to manage the association themselves.

In 1992, AIDFI developed its own working model of the hydraulic ram pump which is a 300 year old technology. The hydraulic ram pump developed by AIDFI is an ideal machine for upland communities in providing waterless communities with a sustainable and reliable water system at the same time ensuring environmental protection since the pump does not require any motor (powered by electricity or fuel). Through its social preparation it ensures that the community themselves know how to operate and maintain the pump.

AIDFI also developed other appropriate technologies like the rotary weeder, rope pump, bush pump, biogas, treadle pump, rice hull stove, gasifier and micro hydro power.

In 2000, many people became interested in the hydraulic ram pump of AIDFI because of its ideal usage especially in the upland areas where water is abundant but far from the communities. Through the continuous research and development of its flagship technology the hydraulic ram pump it has developed 9 different sizes.

Through its continuous internal capacity building in 2005 AIDFI came up with the idea of putting up decentralized factories running on renewable technologies in the upland areas which were feasible to the growing of essential oil plants. In 2006, MEOPA was founded through its members who were mainly small farmers engaged in vegetable growing and charcoal making activities.

AIDFI applied its learnings through years of hands-on experience in upland communities and now does the marketing of its social enterprise set-up in already 4 communities who distil the lemongrass oil in their respective communities in Negros.

AIDFI envisions to serve more communities through its programs which are run on a self-reliant basis and does not depend on foreign/local funding. It also envisions to spread its technologies all over the world through serious social entrepreneurs, it has already successfully done technology transfer of its hydraulic ram pump to Afghanistan, Colombia and Nepal.